Audi Ice Experience 2011

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Back again for another year! Last years video for the Ice Experience was well received, and I was lucky enough to be offered the job again. This time we followed the experience of Television Chef and Audi ambassador Simon Gault. Simon was thrown in the deep end and tested at the end. On Day 2, Simon was joined by TVNZ journalist Mark Sainsbury, and the two went head to head, with hilarious consequences!

Filmed and edited by myself, and directed by Patrick of Socialize Group.

Day 1:

Day 2:


Timelapse with motion

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

For over a year now, I’ve had plans to design and build my own Time Lapse Rail Slider – essentially a camera dolly which moves ultra slow, to create movement in time-lapses. It took a while, but eventually I got there.

The rails are annodised aluminium section from the hardware store, seperated and held in place by custom channel made with plywood and fibreglass. The sliding cart uses Teflon (PTFE) pads to create a smooth and low friction glide. The drive train uses timing pulleys and a timing strap imported from SDP-SI.com, and the power comes from a modified RC servo and servo controller from ServoCity.com.

Here’s some more clips that I’ve produced using this system;

I’m hoping to use it extensively over summer and start contributing clips to stock libraries.


Audi Ice Experience Video

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

How many jobs entitle you to travel to the adventure capital of New Zealand, and shoot video of luxury german cars power sliding in the snow? Well… not many, thats for sure. Lee Howell of Kaptured Photography and I were comissioned by Audi New Zealand to photograph and video an extraordinary event known as the ‘Audi Ice Experience’. Lee was focusing mainly on stills, while I was shooting exclusively video. Needless to say, I was excited to sink my teeth into this project and produce a show piece I could be proud of.

Hosted at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds, near Wanaka, the Audi Ice Experience is a driving event like no other in New Zealand. Participants learn advanced driving skills on snow and ice on top of the Pisa range, at this world class testing facility. The landscapes of Wanaka and Queenstown are diverse and picturesque, and lend themselves well to creating amazing imagery. Add in a dozen immaculate late model Audi Quattro A4, A5, S4 and S5′s, and its hard to produce something ugly!

Check out the video we produced, and head over to Lee’s website to see some stills from the event.


Deliver Me To Hell

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

During the last two weekends I took some photos for a project a friend was filming. Little Sister have created an interactive comedy-zombie youtube film for New Zealand pizza chain “Hell Pizza“.

Check out some of the photos – Emily plays the character “Sarah”;

Deejay plays “Steve”;

Ben plays “Jason”;

The directors of Hell Pizza, in zombie makeup after peforming a cameo in “Deliver me to Hell”


Nudel Underwear Commercial (Video)

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Last weekend, a friend of mine Morgan and I shot a short internet video commercial for his brand of men’s underwear “Nudel”. The whole thing was shot within two hours in Morgan’s home, on a Canon 7D, with a real coffin! The total budget came to a bowl of cocktail sausages and a plate of chips. Thanks to everyone who generously donated their time and skills. Check out Nudel Men’s Packaging online.

Alexandra Schwass
Kristen Spencer
Kim Ward
Dani Moloney
Jonny Schwass
Kurt Preston
and the lower half of Morgan Williams.

Produced by:
Camera and assistance generously supplied by Nick Palmer.
Shot by Simon Waterhouse.
Editted by Morgan Williams and Simon Waterhouse
Motion Graphics by Simon Waterhouse