New Zealand Time Lapse

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

I’m happy to announce the launch of a new project – New Zealand Time Lapse - this is a website which is specific to providing time lapse footage for license and commission. The site is split between the scenic time lapses I have collected in a library over the years and comissioned shoots for construction time lapse.

Check out the scenic time lapse show reel I have put together for the site, or head to the site and have a look there.


BTS at The Body Festival Photo-shoot

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

A little video we produced for Lee Howell, a photographer who was commissioned to shoot the principle artwork for The Body Festival Advertising Campaign. This video details the technical side of a high-production photo-shoot.


Police Station Construction Time-lapse Video

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Back in May last year I was contacted by Will, the Marketing Coordinator from Apollo Construction who had an idea to timelapse the construction process of the new ‘temporary’ Christchurch Central Police Station. Initially he wanted a single point-of-view timelapse from an adjacent building to form a video of the process. I offered some suggestions about how to go about it, and how, with a single point of view, some of the finer detail of the process would be lost in the timescale of the project.

The building project was unique for a number of reasons – the shear size of it; the amount of concrete required to bring the earth up to an acceptable standard; and the speed at which the construction would take place. The building technology is all lightweight and rapidly assembled, and the majority of the construction would take place over a 4 month period.

After a bit consulting and creating a strategy for both shooting the video and reaping a return on investment from the video, I set about starting to gather the footage. Over 6 months I visited the site many times, especially during key events like concrete pours, steel framing being assembled and fitted, roofing runs and during the interior fitout.

Nearly a year later, this is the result – a 3 minute video documenting the process behind building a state-of-the-art facility, rather quickly!

Apollo Projects | Police Station Construction Video from Simon Waterhouse on Vimeo.

The power of syndication

At the start of the project I offered some advice on how they could create a return on investment with the video – its common online to see good video-content go to waste, with few views and even fewer channels for people to find it. Its even more common to find bad content!

I suggested that we make a video that could be syndicated organically through social media, but more specifically as content for a press release when the building was officially opened. As it transpired, the strategy worked perfectly – on opening day the media were invited, and left with links to the content to republish online – some of the time-lapse footage even made it to the 6pm news on both TV1 and TV3, reaching a far bigger audience than anticipated. The online version was linked to from most major news organisations and the views on YouTube are climbing strongly.

Bottom line – Creating content with a publishing strategy is the best way to ensure a return on investment – All up, great publicity for Apollo Projects and the NZ Police.


Audi Ice Experience 2012

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

For the last three years I have been very fortunate to help Audi NZ produce video content from their industry-leading event, Audi Ice Experience. Last year I was at the proving grounds for nearly two weeks, producing same day edits for each customer driving day. This video is an event-wide synopsis which shows what the event is all about.


Audi R8GT + Lee Howell

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

In November this year, good friend and colleague Lee Howell of Kaptured Photography undertook an ambitious photoshoot in Auckland’s Victoria Park tunnel, armed with a limited edition Audi R8GT and a state-of-the-art car photography rig. I created this behind the scenes video that shows in details what it takes to capture the images for high end car photography.

Video directed, filmed and edited by Simon Waterhouse

Special thanks to:
Mark Cornellison – Post production
Andrew Bright – Assistant & BTS images
Olaf Jablonski – Move N Shoot
Darren Utting – Victoria Park Alliance
Fiona Wooley – Audi NZ
Chris Tudehope – Apix Photography
Cameron Officer – Top Gear NZ