Branding for Cam Findlay Consulting

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Old work colleague and friend from Rock Star Recipes, Cam Findlay, is now part time free lancing as a web/IT consultant. He’s a clever cookie when it comes to all things web programming. Cam is speaking at a Silverstripe meetup in Wellington and needed some business cards asap. Here’s what we came up with!


Bivouac Sale Flyer – February 2011

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

I recently completed the graphic design for the sale flyer and associated newspaper advertising for the Bivouac Summer Sale. Bivouac is a nationwide outdoor clothing and equipment retailer. I also supplied the background image, which features my partner Dani, and was shot in 2007 at Wharariki Beach, near Collingwood, Golden Bay. The brochure is A4 folded to DLE, with the middle of the front page becoming the front of the folded DLE Flyer.


Christ’s College DC-3 Advertisment

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

You wouldn’t normally be able to walk off the street into a restricted Air New Zealand hanger, so just getting access to do this photoshoot was half the work. The Southern DC3 Charitable Trust own and operate an original 1947 DC3, which is now based out of Christchurch. Christ’s college have an association with the Trust and wanted to create some imagery for advertising that related to the long history of the school in Canterbury. Enter 12 Christ’s College students of varying ages, an historic aeroplane, a photographer and assistant and this is what you get!

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Photoshop Green Screen Masking Technique – Preview

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Using a green screen for photography is something that’s been whirring around in my mind for a while – I figured that by using the same technique used in film and television, I could probably save time and energy making masks, and perhaps even make it easier to clip out difficult objects, like a persons hair. Clear cutting and masking can be a consuming task at the best of times!

I was contracted to create an image for a client that would benefit from using a technique like this, so the night before the shoot, I set up a trial run down at the studio to see how it would work.

I’m going to write up a full tutorial about using a green screen to create accurate masks in Photoshop – but in the meantime, have a look at the trial run below. The models are Lee and myself!

Here’s a composite image that I put together – Left to right: Me, Lee, Me, Lee:

Green Screen Photoshop Composite
Heres a shot of one of the RAW files, showing the green screen and some of the lights:
RAW File showing green screen


Dave Wallace Photoshoot

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Dave Wallace

Colleague and friend Logan McMillan is a local director/film maker who contacted me about a music video he was producing for musician Dave Wallace. Dave needed some photographic material to help promote his new single “Broken”, which Logan was directing the music video for. I agreed to show up the day they were filming and shoot some images with Dave, when he was free from his film-star duties.

Logan had discovered an amazing abandoned warehouse to use, right in the middle of Christchurch. This was to be our film and photography studio. Before shooting, Dave and I had a quick chat about what it was he wanted – he was very clear about his purpose and was very switched on about marketing. Once we were both on the same page, creating images to fit his needs was fairly easy.