Hot Flow Yoga

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Hot Flow Yoga is a Christchurch based yoga studio offering a wide range of yoga classes in various yoga styles, they commissioned PXL to capture creative environmental portraits of their instructors. They wanted images that enhanced their existing brand to use in web and print materials. Specifically, they requested images that showcased their city location well, and had an urban flavour to them. Simon Waterhouse of PXL spent half a day in Hagley Park and at the Christchurch Art Gallery capturing images. Ambient lighting and reflectors were used in the park to keep lighting soft and natural, whilst flash lighting was used outside the Art Gallery to complement the strong lines of the building and produce slightly more ‘edgy’ images.


Thornton Tomasetti Commercial Portraiture

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Simon was recruited by New York based design firm Russell Design  to provide commercial photography services to their client, Thornton Tomasetti – a structural engineering consultancy firm operating worldwide. They required a single environmental portrait to be taken in Christchurch for the company’s annual report, in which earthquake repairs to the Rydges Hotel building in the central city were to be profiled. A member of Hawkins Construction, Cory, and a Christchurch based Thornton Tomasetti employee, Cliff, were subjects for this portrait.

Simon liased with Russell Design & Thornton Tomasetti in New York, and Hawkins Construction in Christchurch to arrange a photoshoot in the Rydges Hotel building. The hotel was in the earthquake ‘Red Zone’, and so clearance had to be gained from CERA prior to shooting due to the special safety considerations of the area.

Simon shot multiple photograph options to fit within the annual report layout. One photograph was chosen in the end, and the client expressed great satisfaction with the result…

“The shots are just terrific. Just what we were looking for. And so much variety!  Great job.”
“Just a personal note — your shots are terrific, just great. Wish we could fly you to all of the other locations! Thanks for the great work.”