Christ’s College DC-3 Advertisment

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

You wouldn’t normally be able to walk off the street into a restricted Air New Zealand hanger, so just getting access to do this photoshoot was half the work. The Southern DC3 Charitable Trust own and operate an original 1947 DC3, which is now based out of Christchurch. Christ’s college have an association with the Trust and wanted to create some imagery for advertising that related to the long history of the school in Canterbury. Enter 12 Christ’s College students of varying ages, an historic aeroplane, a photographer and assistant and this is what you get!

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I was fortunate enough to also be asked to design the advertising, which is featured in the current (October) issue of Kia Ora Magazine (Air New Zealand in-flight mag), and also a coming issue of North & South Magazine. The photos came out great, and Christ’s College was so pleased with them, they’ve extended their use into other avenues of advertising and publicity.