Photoshop Green Screen Masking Technique – Preview

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Using a green screen for photography is something that’s been whirring around in my mind for a while – I figured that by using the same technique used in film and television, I could probably save time and energy making masks, and perhaps even make it easier to clip out difficult objects, like a persons hair. Clear cutting and masking can be a consuming task at the best of times!

I was contracted to create an image for a client that would benefit from using a technique like this, so the night before the shoot, I set up a trial run down at the studio to see how it would work.

I’m going to write up a full tutorial about using a green screen to create accurate masks in Photoshop – but in the meantime, have a look at the trial run below. The models are Lee and myself!

Here’s a composite image that I put together – Left to right: Me, Lee, Me, Lee:

Green Screen Photoshop Composite
Heres a shot of one of the RAW files, showing the green screen and some of the lights:
RAW File showing green screen