Dave Wallace Photoshoot

Posted by Simon Waterhouse

Dave Wallace

Colleague and friend Logan McMillan is a local director/film maker who contacted me about a music video he was producing for musician Dave Wallace. Dave needed some photographic material to help promote his new single “Broken”, which Logan was directing the music video for. I agreed to show up the day they were filming and shoot some images with Dave, when he was free from his film-star duties.

Logan had discovered an amazing abandoned warehouse to use, right in the middle of Christchurch. This was to be our film and photography studio. Before shooting, Dave and I had a quick chat about what it was he wanted – he was very clear about his purpose and was very switched on about marketing. Once we were both on the same page, creating images to fit his needs was fairly easy.

The single “Broken” is a pretty dark piece of music about a guy who’s been put through the wringer. Working with this theme, I used a really simple lighting setup to create moody, shadowy images.

In addition to providing photographs, I was also asked to work on the graphic design for the CD single as well. It was great having the photography/graphic design combo on this job!

Have a look at the photos below and check out Dave’s Website too. Special thanks to all involved:

Photography and Graphic Design: Simon Waterhouse
Original logo for album artwork: Sarah Kay
Makeup/Styling: Lucy Harvey
Wardrobe: Amy Parsons-King
Production Manager on Set: Belinda Davie (Grid City)
Producer: Katie O’Brien (Grid City)
Art Dept: Bryce Holtshousen
Video director/DOP: Logan McMillan (Gorilla Pictures)
and of course the Model: Dave Wallace

Here’s what we came up with!
Dave Wallace

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Dave Wallace
Dave Wallace
Broken CD Single Cover:
Broken CD Single Cover
Back and Front of CD insert sleeve:
Back and Front of CD insert
Inside of CD sleeve showing lyrics and thank-you page:
Inside Spread of CD insert